The Frog Prince

The Slot Machine by IGT

Not emulated in MAME


[COIN-OP] Slot Machine

The Frog Prince © 2000 IGT [International Game Technologies].

You'll love the rich storybook design and humorous appeal of The Frog Prince video slot. This 5-reel, 15-line, theme features dynamic stereo sound, and enchanting graphics.


Game King


The Frog Prince was released in November 2000.


The Magic Wish Bonus:
- Pick one magic book to reveal the number of free spins won, and one magic wand to unveil a bonus multiplier.
- A swirl of pixie dust sets the reels in motion for guaranteed-win bonus spins.

The Kiss The Frog Bonus:
- When animated frog symbols land on the three middle reels, the Kiss the Frog bonus leaps to life.
- Pick one of three hopeful frogs to be kissed.
- The frog either turns into a Prince - earning the top bonus award - or one of six other comical characters, each with its own personality, and purse of prize money.
- You can accept the win offer or take a chance to kiss again - from three to five times - to try for a different character with another credit value.

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