The Faery Tale Adventure

A 30-year-old Commodore 64 Soft. by MicroIllusions

Not emulated in MAME


The Faery Tale Adventure © 1988 MicroIllusions.

Enter the Magical Land of Holm, where you participate in the adventures of three brothers as they seek their ultimate fate in the Faery Tale Adventure. Travel with brave Jullan, lucky Phillip and gentle Kevin, on their quest through a land full of vicious monsters, enchanted princesses, fearsome dragons and even a kindly old woodcutter or two.

Faery Tale Adventure is a game that is beyond belief. Our programmers worked for over six months non-stop creating a new world, a world that will take you weeks to explore, let alone conquer. This new world consists of over 17,000 screens of exploration. Your journey will take you to underground caverns, mazes, forests, deserts, snow covered mountains, lakes, castles, villages, even the astral world.
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Programmed by Sculptured Software.

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