The Dewey

Slot Machine published 121 years ago by Mills Novelty

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The Dewey © 1899 Mills Novelty.

A 6-slot machine.
Size : 69x36x23 inches.
Weight : 340 pounds.

One hundred spaces on a 18 inches dial.
America's pride in the victorious naval hero of the Spanish-American War prompted Mills Novelty to produce this patriotic Dewey upright machine. Portraits of the admiral, George Dewey, are in a front casting and painted on the medallion of the etched mirrored glass.

Operators appreciated the machine's reliability and large earning capacity, and The Dewey continued to attract the customers from its inception in 1899 until around 1930, making it the longest produced upright. As a result, more of these have survived than any other upright slot machine.

A The Dewey unit appears in the 1938 western 'The Terror of Tiny Town'.
Machine's picture.
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