The Crystal of Kings

A 17-year-old Arcade Video Game by BrezzaSoft

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The Crystal of Kings © 2001 BrezzaSoft.

A nice beat'em up featuring transparencies, rowscroll effects and eight levels...
Stage 1 : The Pull Off Evil - Boss : Great Destructer
Stage 2 : Across The Currents - Boss : Serpent
Stage 3 : The Cave Of Darkness - Boss : Master Of Underground
Stage 4 : The Congress Of Cystals - Boss : Harpies
Stage 5 : Into The Darkness - Boss : 2 Minotaurs
Stage 6 : Estorea - Boss : Sinister Dragon
Stage 7 : Nero Filone - Boss : Black Knight
Stage 8 : Crystal Of The King - Boss : Night Spirit, Dark Spirit
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Zealer Board Hardware

Main CPU : SE3208 (@ 43 Mhz)
Sound Chips : VRender0 (@ 43 Mhz)

Players : 2
Control : 8-Way Joystick
Buttons : 3
=> Attack, Jump, Magic


The Crystal of Kings was released on February 11, 2001.

This game runs on Zealer board (so-called 'Crystal System'). There are various games on this system, this one and "ES Evolution Soccer", "Office YeoInCheonHa", "Mahl Dalrijah", "EuhRahtChaCha Mooh Daeri", "Cutey Fatty", "Dong-geul Dong-geul Haerong-yi", "Bohmool-Seom", and so on.

The subtitles, 'Copper' / 'Silver' / 'Gold', are the level of difficulty : Easy / Medium / Hard.


* There is 3 mode of play (depending of the subtitle on the titlescreen) :
Copper title Mode = Normal
Silver title Mode = Hard
Gold title Mode = Very Hard
The ending is changed by Crystal Level at the end of final stage. 'Copper' is bad ending, 'Silver' normal ending and 'Gold' good ending.

* Hidden Character : At the character select screen, place the cursor over Lustro Furia and hold up for a second or 2 until the card flips over to reveal an extra version of the character.


Directors : Night Spirit Persons
Planners : Venom, Dai, Yoshida
Programmers : Yurita Ro, T. Oishi
Designers : Yama-O, Dai, Yoshida
Title Logo Design : Naohisa's Factory
Composition & Sound Designer : Whale Brand Music, Takao Nakagawa
Voice Actors : Hidetosi Sakamoto, Tanapy
Hardware : MagicEyes Co.
Executive Director : Yosh Jinno
Special Thanks : James W. Hove, N. Oka, Okuda, Norinori, Muking, Y. Nakai, M. Ikeda, Lix, Inopy, H. Arai, M. Masuo

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