The Black Pearl

A Slot Machine by Kare Technology

The Black Pearl screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


The Black Pearl © 200? Kare Technology.

Helmsman! There's a ship portside! What about grappling with it? Treasure islands, chests of gold, beautiful captives, life full of adventures are waiting for you. Get your cannons ready! If you see three ships you'll be given a chance to take part in a see battle. On founding the enemy's ship you’ll be given 10 free games. You can double your winning by playing cards with a pirate.


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Fire at enemy ships : Prize game consists of two parts. In the first part, a player takes a chance to fire from the coast at three enemy ships. Every direct hit brings prize scores. If a player managed to wreck a ship, the winning for the ship would double up. Prize scores will be added for every battle against every next ship.
In the second part of the bonus, a player gets free games with prize reels (Free games). The number of games is determined as 1/10 from the sum of points scored during the shooting.