The Alligator People

Unreleased Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Fox Video Games, Inc.

The Alligator People screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

The Alligator People © 1983 20th Century Fox

You play the role of Jane Marvin who must save her husband and his friends who are turning into Alligator People due to a failed medical treatment. Jane (who just happens to look like a syringe) must shoot each person on the top and bottom of the screen with special Alligator antidote (no I'm not making this up!) until they are cured. Of course the alligators aren't just going to let Jane wander about curing people unmolested, otherwise it wouldn't be much of a game now would it? Jane must avoid roving alligators and moving walls whiles collecting vials of antidote and serum.


Unreleased prototype.

Based on the 50's sci-fi movie of the same name, Alligator People was the center of controversy even before the actual game was found. Sometime in the mid 90's a collector found what they thought was a prototype for the Alligator People because the cartridge was labeled as such. For many years most people assumed that the game was the lost Alligator People prototype, mostly because the games graphics were rather generic looking and there was no other indication of its true identity. However in 2002 when collector Ben Liashenko found a genuine copy of Alligator people, it was discovered that the game everyone previously thought was Alligator people was actually Planet of the Apes!

The programmer left in an option for unlimited lives, which is activated by switching the Left Difficulty Switch to B.


Programmer: John Russell


Game's ROM.