The All New Family Feud

A 29-year-old Commodore 64 Soft. by ShareData, Inc.

The All New Family Feud screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


The All New Family Feud © 1989 ShareData, Incorporated.

It's new, and it's Better! The All New Family Feud! Official play based on the the new Family Feud TV game show - bursting with hundreds of original questions and survey answers. The Hatfields and the McCoys never had it so good - with more excitement and fun for the whole family! Just like the TV shows seen on daily on TV, The New Family Feud challenges you to defend your family's honor with your lightning-quick responses. Each family member has 30 seconds to predict the top answers given by a survey of 100. And don't forget the Bonus Round! Two family members are selected to rack up the Fast Money points by matching the most top answers with the survey. From the company who brought you the color and excitement of Classic Concentration and Card Sharks... the New Family Feud has its all. You'll love the lively music, brilliant music, and the contestants that cheer when they win and fret when they lose. You can play alone against the computer - or you can grab your family and neighbors and create a real family feud! It's fast-paced fun for everyone. From Grandma to Junior, this family event guarantees hours of excitement and spritieed competition.


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