The Age of Heroes - Silkroad 2

A 18-year-old Arcade Video Game by Unico Electronics

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The Age of Heroes - Silkroad 2 © 2000 Unico Electronics Company, Limited.

A beat'em-up game that is the sequel to "The Legend of Silk Road". The four playable characters are Kai, Shuh, Shenmue and chamuku.


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1. The Legend of Silkroad (1999)
2. The Age of Heroes - Silkroad-2 (2000)


Character Design: Kim Ki-Hong, Moon Sung-Ok, Kwon Oh-Chang
Stage Design: Na Jong-Yong, Seo Won-Jeong, Kim Ki-Seak
Graphic Effects: Kim Sung-Hwan, Na Jong-Yong
Main Program: Koo Eun-Joong
Assistant Program: Kwak Chul-Joong, Lee Young-Seok, Lee Tae-Ha
Sound Composer: Lee Chang-Woo, Kwon Oh-Geon
Sound Director: Seo Jae-Baek
Director: Seo Won-Jeong

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