Temple of the Sun


A Slot Machine by Gamey Industries

Not emulated in MAME


Temple of the Sun © 200? Gamey Industries.

5-reel video slot with 15 winning lines. Exceptional graphics, stereo sounds, 2 levels of bonus games and scatter bonus will keep the players busy till the end. Join the expedition in the heart of Sun Empire, the world of lost Gods, incredible ancient cities, stone temples, mystique legends and gold shining as the sun they worshiped. Let them find at least one golden sun mask and all their winnings on the line will be doubled (two will multiply them by four and three by eight).


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* Wall Bonus : Five stone plates anywhere on the screen start the Wall Bonus game! Choose one column of plates and if you are lucky enough, golden sun will appear, the wall will go back and leave you in front of the mystery temple gates with prize.

* Door Bonus : The wall will go back and leave the player in front of the mystery temple gates. The number hidden behind the gate multiplies the winnings by 2, 3 or 4.