Tempest 2000 [Model J9010E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 29 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Tempest 2000 [Model J9010E] screenshot

Tempest 2000 © 1994 Atari Corp.

Back in 1981 Tempest introduced the gaming world to an extra-sensory visual and futuristic play experience that went beyond any video game concept ever developed. With never-before-seen QuadraScan Color video graphics, Tempest set new standards for 3-D animation and challenge, and became the first arcade game to be a guaranteed hit.

In Tempest 2000, the video game that defined arcade intergalactic warfare has officially warped into the 64-bit dimension. This time, we've energized the original with powerful 3-D polygons, particle displays, Melt-O-Vision(TM) graphics, cycle-shading, and a 100% pure CD-quality techno-rave soundtrack...plus three new blistering modes of high-velocity, brain-warping action unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Ride the rim and unleash your SuperZapper on crafty Flippers and Fuseballs in Traditional Tempest. Team up with a friend, or an A.I. Droid, and light up the webs against pesky Spikers and Pulsars in Tempest Plus. Venture through 100 uncharted galaxies filled with hostile Demon Heads and Warp Bonus Tokens in Tempest 2000. Then use your Mirror and go Blaster-to-Blaster against the most formidable alien of them all - your best buddy - in Tempest Duel.


Model J9010E

Flippers 150 pts.
Spikers 50 pts.
Spikes 10 pts./hit
Fuseballs 250, 500, or 750 pts.
Pulsars 200 pts.
Tankers 100 pts.
Flipper Tankers 100 pts.
Fuseball Tankers 100 pts.
Pulsar Tankers 100 pts.
Mutant Flippers 150 pts.
Mirrors 250, 500, or 750 pts.
Demon Heads 150 pts.
UFOs 250, 500, or 750 pts.

* Cheats:
Activation (at main menu) = 1+4+7+A (Excellent)
Commands (during game play):
- Skip to Next Level = Option (Outta Here)
- Enable Warp Bonus Round = 6 (Warp Enabled)

* Easter Eggs:
- Enable Rotary Controller (at Game Option menu): Press Pause on both controllers (Excellent)
- Web Rotation (during Web Select screen):
U/D = Web level
L/R = Rotate toggle
- Invisible Web: Start any Tempest Plus game. Hold down Option (cheats must be active) until you get to the rainbow levels. The web will be invisible during the rainbow levels only.
- Pause Bug: At the end of the Bacon/Jupiter River bonus round, press Pause just as it switches back to the main game (after approximately two & a half pulses of the "Excellent!" graphic).
- Secret Sheep: At the first 'Jupiter' warp level, press pause, select music volume, and wait. Late in the track, you'll hear Flossie and the sheep engaged in conversation. You can't hear this during normal play as the level ends before this section of the music is played.


1. Tempest [Upright model] (1981, ARC)
2. Tempest 2000 [Model J9010E] (1994, JAG)
3. Tempest X3 [Model SLUS-00283] (1996, PSX)
4. Tempest 3000 (2000, NUON)


Programming: Jeff Minter
Art: Joby Wood
Music and SFX by Imagitec Design Inc.
SFX: Ted Tahquechi, Carrie Tahquechi
Producer: John Skruch
Testers: Joe Sousa, Andrew Keim, Hank Cappa, Lance Lewis, Dan McNamee, Scott Hunter, Tom Gillen, Sean Patten
Documentation: Joe Sousa


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