Telequiz [1949 model]

A 69-year-old Coin-op Misc. Game by Telequiz

Not emulated in MAME


Telequiz [1949 model] © 1949 Telequiz Corp.

This new model is similar to the 1948 version except for a new scoring feature which permits the player to reach a high score of 1,000,000 points. The player rating of either fair, average, good, expert or genius will light up as rating is achieved.

The game's green hat with the word CORRECT is mounted on a face of the sun (sketched on the game's front glass) and lights up when a correct answer registers. Similarly, the red hat is mounted on the face of the moon and when an incorrect answer registers the moon is illuminated.

Other improvements on the new model include the changing of the animation on the backglass to show a jester on one side and a bathing beauty on the other.
Goodies for Telequiz [1949 model]
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