Tekken [Model SLPS-00040]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by NAMCO, Ltd.

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Tekken © 1995 NAMCO, Ltd.

Tekken has been hailed as the greatest beat-em-up ever on any system. High praise indeed, but rarely has a game been so worthy.

Instantly playable but with enough depth of gameplay to keep you coming back for months; in 2 -player Tekken's lifespan is unlimited.

Keeping with tradition, it's a one-on-one battlefest with an intuitive control system - each of the PlayStation controller's four main buttons control one of the fighter's limbs, but with 8 fighters and over 750 moves to master, the combinations are near-limitless.

In the ultimate battle for supremacy, the winner goes home rich and the loser goes home in a pine box... until the next game, of course.


Game ID: SLPS-00040


Released on March 31, 1995 in Japan.

Export releases:
[EU] "Tekken [Model SCES-00005]"
[US] "Tekken [Model SLUS-00006]"