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Arcade Video game published by Limenko

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TechnoX © 19?? Limenko.

Feel the new touch over the dance machine. Take the rhythm under control. Just follow scrolling arrows then you will make fantastic dance and be a dancing hero. Get on the dance floor. And step forward, backward, left, right or any combination when scrolling arrows overlaps with static arrows at the top of the screen.

Players can select from Easy, Normal and hard play mode according to their experiences, and single, couple, double and battle play mode are ready for advanced player as well as hidden games for experts.

TechnoX features most advanced back dancer embodied by marvelous 3D graphic artwork, unique play mode and 30 great songs including ten European techno music, ten greatest dance music and ten Korean dance music. Music can be customized. Guaranteeing reliable system performance and good sound quality.
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Official website: http://member.bestsme.com:8080/ePersNET20/ecatalog/DetailView.jsp?objectid=618804&comCode=2000-00653&coLang=2&design=1