Techno Motion

A 18-year-old Arcade Video Game by F2 System

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Techno Motion © 2000 F2 System.

Techno Motion is an implementation of an innovative concept of introducing a music based amusement games. It is a dedicated system of simulated dancing game that allows a player or players to dance to the tunes of rhythmic beat performed by the system.


Techno Motion the Arcade Video Game
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Naturally the game machine is constituted of a control system with a distinct emphasis of music performance housed in luxurious cabinet and a dancing platform.

Main CPU: Celeron 433
Graphics: Voodoo 3 3000 Graphics card


Released in April 2000.

This game is a copy of "Dance Dance Revolution".


* After selecting 1P or 2P play mode, a tune he would Dance, and the difficulty level, then the player starts to dance by rhythemically stomping on the stepping panels on the platform as instructed by the step signs coming on the screen.
Players may compete with other players on separate Techno Motions if the systems are interconnected.
The stepping modes are changeable between cross to diagonal patterns anytime during the play.

* Enter the following codes to get special features and effects for your stepcharts and the game in-general. Each TechnoMotion code is inputed using the Diagonal arrows, denoted numerically (7 for the upper left, 9 for the upper right, 5 for the center, 1 for the lower left, and 3 for the lower right).
7,9,5,9,7,5 - 10% / 20% Bus (activate after using the Rush codes)
1,3,1,3,5 - 10% Rush (speeds up the beat and arrows by 10%)
1,3,1,3,1,3,5 - 20% Rush (speeds up the beat and arrows by 20%)
7,9,7,9,5 - 2X (displays arrows at twice the regular speed)
7,9,7,9,7,9,5 - 4x (displays arrows at four times the regular speed)
7,9,7,9,7,9,7,9,5 - 8x (displays arrows at eight times the regular speed)
5,5,5,5 - Cancel (removes all codes entered)
7,1,9,3,7,1,9,3,5 - Crazy (causes the arrow icons to spin while scrolling upward)
7,1,9,3,5 - Drunk (causes arrows to swap up and down while scrolling)
1,3,5,7,9,5,5 - Event (shows all songs)
7,9,1,3,5 - Expert (causes stepcharts to have more steps)
7,9,1,3,9,9,1,1 - Extra (shows hidden steps)
7,9,1,3,7,7,3,3,5 - Hidden (causes arrows to vanish halfway up the screen)
1,7,9,3,1,5 - Lock (prevents changing of arrow format during play)
7,9,1,3,7,3,7,3,5 - No Arrow (removes the display of scrolling arrows completely)
7,7,1,1,9,9,3,3 - Random (randomizes layout of stepcharts)

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