Tax Avoiders

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by American Videogame

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Tax Avoiders © 1982 American Videogame.

The goal of the player is to become a millionaire, after taxes, in one year. As in real life, there are obstructions to your progress, bureaucratic levels to go through and obstacles to overcome such as governmental red tape, bad investments that lose money, taxes and IRS audits.


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The year is divided into 635 days, 12 months and 4 seasons. During each season there are two screens, an income screen and an investment/shelter screen. During the income screen, you must accumulate as much income '$' as possible while avoiding the costly governmental red tape. To reach the
various bureaucratic levels, you must catch the elevator in the center of the screen. This takes you to the various levels, slowly like normal governmental action.

Approximately half way through the season, you are switched to the second screen which allows you to obtain various Tax Sheltered Investments. Here,
you are being pursued by a character who is consistently moving into and out of the private enterprise system and governmental employment. This is symbolized by color changes; black, pink and green.

In the black mode he is Eggie, an IRS Revenue Agent trying to catch you for audit. When caught, you are audited and ALWAYS lose. You are then taxed at the maximum rate of 50% and sent back to work in the income screen. There are no appeals to tax court.

In the pink mode he is Waggie, a CPA who is soliciting your business. If he catches you, or you go to him, he charges you $1,000. You will find his fee, though expensive, is worth paying because he will always provide a more valuable Tax Sheltered Investment than the one previously available.

In the green mode he is Toodles, a Registered Investment Advisor who can help you maximize your income by providing the best Tax Sheltered Investment available. When green, it is to your benefit to catch him. Depending on the amount of time left before your taxes are due (the end of the season) it may or may not be beneficial to wait for the IRS Agent to become the Investment Advisor.

At the end of the season your taxes are collected through automatic quarterly withholding. The amount of tax collected depends on which Tax Sheltered Investment you have in your portfolio. You are then sent back to work to earn more income.

INVESTMENTS: There are seven different investments and each has different tax shelter benefits. Some also provide you with capital gains while others do not. There is a 50/50 chance that any investment will make or lose money. Good investments earn $1,000 per day in addition to any capital gain. Bad investments lose $1,000 per day but still can provide the capital gain. This is separate from and does not affect their ability to shelter income at the end of the season.

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