Tatsujin [Model TP-04022]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 31 years ago by Taito Corp.

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Tatsujin © 1992 Taito Corp.

Tatsujin is a vertical shooter by Taito and conversion of Toaplan arcade game. The evil Gidans are about to invade the Borogo system, their armada of giant asteroids are approaching and they have to be stopped. The player must infiltrate and destroy no less than five large enemy facilities and take down swarms of alien ships and all kind of ground units. The space fighter comes equipped with a default Vulcan gun (Power shots) and two more weapons are available for the taking - the blue lock-on lasers (Thunder Laser) and green blasts of energy (Tatsujin Beam). The only way to increase the active weapon's firepower is to collect Power Boosters special flying pods leave behind. Although five boosters are necessary to trigger a power-up upgrade and boost up the strength of the current weapon, special red flashing power icons bring it up to maximum power in no time. Each weapon can be powered up to three times for maximum collateral damage and smart bombs in the shape of monstrous skull-faced energy blasts can be unleashed to kill most enemies on screen. Finally, speed boosters are strategically placed throughout the game to help the player dodge enemy fire more efficiently.

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HuCARD ID: TP-04022
HuCARD Size: 4 MBits.


Tatsujin for PC-Engine was released on July 24, 1992 in Japan for 7200 Yen.

[FR] November 1992 - Consoles+ No. 14: 68/100

Tatsujin came out in the arcades in 1988.


The option screen is available by holding select and by pressing run on the title screen.

Two hidden options are available in the game. You have to score 7100 to access them. This is rather easy, start the game and destroy every enemies and pick up all powerups - you should score a perfect 7100 within a few seconds, right after the first wave of small ships. When done, reset the game by pressing run and select together and do the following on the title screen:
- Extended Option Screen - hold select and press run. Lives, bombs, credits and 'slim screen' mode.
- See the ending - hold left and press run


Produced By: Shoji Takahashi
Programmed By: Toyofumi Kunihiro
Graphics By: Tsutomu Takase, Jiroharu Ushiku
Sound By: Shotaro
Supervisor: Koji Yamazaki
Bug Checker: Suit
Special Thanks To: Ikasama Naokin, Mr. Oota, Mickey Shunkoh


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Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com