Task Force [Model FG1003]

A 31-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Froggo Games

Emulated in MAME !

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Task Force © 1987 Froggo.

Terrorists are at it again, and you command an elite anti-terrorist Task Force. Negotiations have failed, so it's up to you to 'take out' the terrorists. They're holding several high-rise buildings, and your Task Force is in position outside. You have wire-guided missiles to fire any time a terrorist steps into view in a window. You must fire quickly, because the terrorists never miss you when they have time to get off a shot. And the terrorist leader on the roof has a neutron bomb that ends it for everybody if he lets it go. But look before you fire! The terrorists sometimes push hostages into view... don't shoot if the guy in the window doesn't have a gun. And plan ahead! You have to wait for new supplies after firing all of your wire-guided missiles.

Take out the 9 terrorists in the first building, then your Task Force heads out to the next hot spot (held by 12 terrorists), and the next (held by 15 terrorists). Your fourth anti-terrorist operation is a treacherous night raid... and the action only gets hotter after that!


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