Tape 7: Phantom Star Fighters 2003 + Space Checkers

Bally Astrocade cass. published 41 years ago by L&M Soft.

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Phantom Star Fighters 2003 + Space Checkers © 1981 L&M Soft.

Phantom Star Fighters 2003
Two players move through a maze trying to shoot each other, but they're invisible until they fire. If you fire too many times, you have to pause to reload, making you very vulnerable.

Space Checkers
The board is a grid in which the edges have two types of alien head tokens on them, and the center and corners have 'N' tokens on them. The first player places the checker on any of the N spaces, then the players take turns moving it. You can move the checker to any bordering square (including diagonally), but once you've moved onto a square, it's cleared and you can't move there again. Decrease your opponent's score by clearing the matching alien pieces. At some point, the checker will be trapped and the game ends, and whoever has the most alien pieces left wins. It can also end in a draw.


Tape No. 7