Tape 13: The Fox & the Hare + Space Sleuth

Bally Astrocade cass. published 41 years ago by L&M Soft.

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The Fox & the Hare + Space Sleuth © 1981 L&M Soft.

The Fox & the Hare
The fox is trying to find the hare by searching a field, containing rabbit holes, that are two levels deep. The fox must guess in which hole and at what level the hare is hiding. After each attempt the location the fox guessed is eliminated from play, narrowing the places for the hare to hide. You decide the number of attemps the fox will get. Also the hare has the option to move or stay where he is after each guess the fox makes.

Space Sleuth
It's like Clue but in space for 1 to 4 players. There are over 75,000 combinations of suspect, clues, alibies and locations. A unique 'Sherlock Eye Piece' is employed to decode secret information displayed to each player, in turn. Game comes with one Sherlock Eye Piece, one private question list and eight fact sheets to aid all players in solving the mystery. Unusual game of wit and logic.


Tape No. 13