Tank Buster

Wall game published by Unknown

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Tank Buster © 197? Unknown.

Wall mounted timber box machine with glass front. USAF F-111 plane bombing North Vietnam tank (has yellow star).

The game operation is simple: Once dropped in the slot, the coin is held in place by a metal pin on the top ramp. Depressing the left-hand button releases the coin, and away she rolls down the top ramp. The coin then drops to the second ramp. The USAF F-111A is attached to a wooden bomb drop piece which sits within a recess along the ramp. This piece of wood has a slit for the coin to drop through. The slit is revealed when you depress the right-hand button to move the wood out of the recess, the jet moving forward with it. The rolling coin then drops through the slit, and the bomb is deployed, hopefully into the enemy tank. If this happens, DIRECT HIT light comes on and eventually flashes.

This is a game of skill only, the only payout is the coin you just risked to Bust the tank. You depress a lever to return the coin from the tank into a half-dish at the front of the machine.


Gameplay does not require power, but the DIRECT HIT light is powered by four D batteries.


This game came from New Zealand and has no manufacturer mark anywhere. It certainly not an amature home job. This machine is of a professional quality in manufacture.