Tandy-12 - Computerized Arcade [Model 60-2159]

A 37-year-old Electronic Game (Handheld) by Tandy

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Tandy-12 - Computerized Arcade © 1981 Tandy Corp.

The game featured '12 challenging games of skill'. However, most of these were based on luck and freestyle ability.

Games included in the Tandy-12 were:
Organ – Electronic Organ with 12 Notes.
Song Writer – Record a song of up to 44 notes.
Repeat – Follow a random sequence like in Simon.
Torpedo – Fire torpedoes to sink enemy submarines.
Tag-It – Try to catch 110 moles.
Roulette – Electronic Roulette (Uses playing board).
Baseball – Electronic Baseball (Uses playing board).
Repeat Plus – Repeat variant for 2 or more players.
Treasure Hunt – Variant of the board game Master Mind.
Complete – Battle of reaction time.
Fire Away – Destroy enemy invaders.
Hide 'N Seek – Guess the computers 3 numbers in order.
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Model 60-2159

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