Taito Chase H.Q. [Model DTF-H9]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 34 years ago by Taito Corp.

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Taito Chase H.Q. [Model DTF-H9] screenshot

Taito Chase H.Q. © 1989 Taito Corp.



Players: 1
Controls: d-pad up = low gear, d-pad down = high gear, d-pad left and right = steer (when 'Arkanoid' controller option is off)
Buttons: A = accelerate, B = brake


Taito Chase H.Q. for Famicom was released on December 8, 1989 in Japan.

It was the 28th title published by Taito on the Famicom.

This isn't a complete portage - arrows at stages #5; #6 and #7 (all 3 rounds) don't show up in tunnels.

Character designers are misspelled in staff roll as 'chractor designers', whereas software direction is in wrong order and tense (directed of software).


* This portage has 21 stages in total, 7 stages multiplied by 3 rounds. R-3 S-7 completion will show an ending scene followed by 'All round clear' screen and staff roll.

* Choose Arkanoid controller instead of regular gamepad. This increases steering precision. Note you can do so before stage #1 of round #1.

* You'll see no arrow in tunnels at stages #5; #6 and #7, so you'll accidentally run out of time.


Directed by: Syouji Takahashi
Written by: Hiroyuki Sakou
Software direction: Mitsugi Shimuzu
Programmers: Yuji Terada, Koji Nakamura
Character designs: Hirofumi Aizawa, Naoko Kitagawa, Kumiko Miyazaki
Music and sound editor: Noboru Koshinaka, Isao Mizuguchi
Game checker: Hirofumi Aizawa, Noboru Koshinaka, Isao Mizuguchi, Noboyuki Suzuki, Norio Nakagami
Special thanks: Mitsugi Shuei
Game designed by: Hirofumi Aizawa


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