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T.T Crazy Balloon

Arcade Video game published 40 years ago by Taito

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T.T Crazy Balloon © 1980 Taito.

A game of strategy and skill! The object of Crazy Balloon is to guide a delicate swaying balloon through a maze of pin wheel obstacles. You have four control buttons and you have the ability to move your balloon in any direction. Don't take too long, because if you are too slow, a bogey man erupts on the screen and forces you to move. Just when you think you have the maze all figured out, pin wheels attack your balloon forcing you to take evasive action.


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Japanese cocktail version of "Crazy Balloon", released in April 1980.

For more information about the game, please see the upright model entry.


Commodore C64 (1983)
Sony PlayStation 2 (2005, "Taito Memories Vol. 2")
Microsoft XBOX (2006, "Taito Legends 2")
Sony PlayStation 2 (2006, "Taito Legends 2")

PC [CD-ROM] (2006, "Taito Legends 2")

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