T-Mek [Model 84520]

A 23-year-old Sega Genesis 32X Game by Time Warner Interactive

T-Mek [Model 84520] screenshot

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T-Mek © 1995 Time Warner Interactive.

MEKs are deadly, hovering tanks of unequaled destructive power. Nasrac the Eliminator is the undisputed MEK Master.

You must defeat him at his own game during the ultimate MEK battle tourney.

Master the battle with 6 different murderous hover craft
HyperMEK, StealthMEK, SuicideMEK, LukerMEK, SpeedMEK and AssaultMEK

An arsenal of futuristic destruction - Guided Missiles, Speed Missiles, Lasers, Acid Drones and more hidden artillery than a platoon.

Cinematic sequences like the arcade classic


Game ID: 84520


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