SwordQuest - WaterWorld [Model CX2671]

The Atari 2600 Cart. by Atari, Inc.

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[CONSOLE] Atari 2600 Cart.

SwordQuest - WaterWorld © 1983 Atari, Incorporated.

WATERWORLD is primarily a puzzle. There are seven rooms. Scattered throughout these rooms are 16 magical objects which are related to each other and to the seven rooms. Isolating the rooms from each other are three skill-and-action tests which you'll need to master in order to successfully enter a room and manipulate all the objects in that room.

Your task, SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE, is to travel successfully from room to room; discover the relationships of the objects to each other and to the rooms; and then place a correct combination of objects in the appropriate room to get a numerical clue.

Each room needs a unique set of seven objects to trigger a clue. If you correctly place at least four of the seven objects designated for a specific room, a numerical clue will momentarily be revealed to you at the bottom of the screen. Use this numerical clue to search for a word clue in the accompanying comic book.

You can carry a total of six objects in your carrying pouch. You gain gain information about the objects and their interrelationships by transferring the objects back and forth from the room to the carrying pouch in each of the seven rooms. Interrelationships between the objects and the rooms will be displayed as 'hints' at the bottom of the screen. Writing down these interrelationships and interpreting the resulting information is an essential prerequisite to successful game play in a puzzle like WATERWORLD.


Model CX2671


The third and most rare of the three released Swordquest games. It was originally only available via mail order from the Atari Club, but was later sold in stores in limited quantities. The fourth and final Swordquest game, Airworld, was never finished.


• In order to receive a numerical clue, all the objects you leave in a room must be part of a set that is designated for that particular room. If you include any object which does not belong, you cannot trigger a numerical clue.

• For each skill-and-action test, there is a different magical object which will allow you to pass directly into the next room without having to undergo that specific test. There is also one overarching object which will allow you to travel successfully from room to room without having to undergo any of the skill-and-action tests.

• WATERWORLD demands logical thinking along with trial and error methods. You will need to try several types of combinations befog you discover a set which will work.

• All of the hints are true. Some hints may not appear to be perfectly clear; they are capable of being interpreted in more than one way. Don't get lost. Make notes. Keep a journal.



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