Switchblade II [Model PA2094]

A 26-year-old Atari Lynx Game by Atari

Emulated in MAME !

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Switchblade II © 1992 Atari Corp.

Two hundred years ago, the young warrior Hiro defeated the evil Havok. As reward, Hiro was granted a long, youthful life. There was a reason for this generous gift. Havok survived the battle and vowed one day to return. Now he's back, stronger then ever, and Hiro must come out of retirement and beat him once again.


Model PA2094


* Conserve your ammo. Your switchblade is powerful and works well on many enemies. Save your valuable ammo for those enemies that are best fought from afar.

* To beat some enemies, you might want to hide under a beam until you can jump up with a clear shot. This works best if the enemy has turned away from your location.

* Learn the levels. If you can anticipate where your enemies are, you can act in time to minimize Hiro's damage.

* Be careful when jumping. Jump too far and Hiro will get hurt.

* Some walls can be blasted.

* Cheat Mode: At the title screen, quickly rotate the directional pad in a clockwise motion, starting with the Up position. If you go around several times, you will see a white flash in the background. After the first flash, press Up multiple times to enable cheat features (each time you press it, the screen will flash): the first time you see the flash, you will enable Level Skip; the second time, you will enable Infinite Energy; the third time, you will enable Infinite Ammo; finally, the fourth time you will enable Infinite Credits in the Weapon Shops. To actually skip levels during the game, just press PAUSE and then B to go to the next stage.

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