Fruit Machine published by JPM International

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Switchback © 199? JPM International.

Switchback is a design concept that introduces a new 'multiplier bonus' feature based on the principles of the ancient and well known game of 'paper, scissors, stone'.

The game has a standard x10 multiplier that can be upgraded via a new bonus multiplier. On the centre reel are overprinted 'paper', 'scissors' and 'stone' symbols. When a symbol appears anywhere in the window, it lights the corresponding symbol on the top glass, providing it beats the last symbol lit. i.e. the player is trying to beat the lit symbol. The symbols represent a further multiplication of the existing multiplier : 'paper' x1, 'scissors' x2 and 'stone' x3. The principles of 'paper, scissors, stone' apply i.e. scissors beats paper, stone beats scissors, paper beats stone.


Housed in Linear cabinet.


Released in Poland only.


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