Super Wrestle Angels [Model SHVC-AWAJ-JPN]

Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. published 25 years ago by Imagineer

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SUPER?????????? © 1994 Imagineer Company, Limited.

(Super Wrestle Angels)

Super Wrestle Angels is a all female professional wrestling simulation game by Great and published by Imagineer. The first playing mode can be described as a 'professional wrestling group management mode', which is the original feature of this Super Famicom version (see the info section for more information about the Wrestler Angels series). There, the player takes the role of a woman wrestling group manager, picks a team and schedules practices, fights, entertainment and helps his cute wrestlers to elevate their professional careers. The other modes are more oriented towards actual fighting, and gets the player to pick female wrestlers and organize versus wrestling matches. However, Super Wrestle Angels is based around a popular Japanese wrestling card game, and because of this, all the matches are round based and opponents pick-up cards to decide of their next move. Each card has a value and is stamped with a Japanese Kanji, and these elements greatly influence the outcome of every single round. A good knowledge of Japanese is therefore required to enjoy this game, and this not only to figure out the title screen and in-game menus, but also to progress through the rest of the game.




Super Wrestle Angels was released on December 16, 1994 in Japan for 9980 Yen.

Wrestle Angels is based on a popular japanese action professional wrestling card video game released in 1992 (first released for the NEC PC-98 Japanese computers).

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