Super Wagan Land [Model SHVC-SW]

A 27-year-old Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. by NAMCO

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Super Wagan Land © 1991 Namco, Limited.


[Model SHVC-SW]


Super Wagan Land was released on December 13, 1991 in Japan.

Due to the change of hardware, many improvements were made such as 3D-like visuals that made use of gradiation and stereo sounds and voices. A 'mosaic guessing' mini-game has also been added as well where the player must guess the identity of an object covered by mosaic.

Because of its inclusion of various stages and boss battles from the first two Famicom installments, as well as in the inclusion background music, this installment is more of a compilation of the previous installments than a new game by itself. This was the first installment to include a password feature, as well as adjustable difficulty settings, which became standard features for the succeeding installments.

The warp zones and alternate routes from the first two Famicom games were removed in this installments, although some of the stages differ greatly between difficulty settings. Moreover, the shiritori mini-game now has a new rule which causes one to lose by default when the opponent chooses a word than ends with the Japanese consonant 'n'.


1. Wagan Land [Model NAM-WL-4900] (1989, FC)
2. Wagan Land 2 [Model NAM-WL2-5800] (1990, FC)
3. Super Wagan Land [Model SHVC-SW] (1991, SFC)
4. Wagan Land 3 [Model NAM-FW3-5800] (1992, FC)
5. Super Wagan Land 2 [Model SHVC-S6] (1993, SFC)
6. Wagan Paradise [Model SHVC-AWLJ-JPN] (1994, SFC)
7. Mega Wagan Land (2005, V-AP)
8. Hirameki Action - Chibikko Wagan no Oukina Bouken (2009, DS)


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] (2009)

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