Super Strike Eagle [Model SNS-EG-USA]

The Nintendo Super NES Game by Microprose Soft., Inc.

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo Super NES Game

Super Strike Eagle © 1993 Microprose Software, Incorporated.

Microprose's Strike Eagle came out in 1984 for home computers and Super Strike Eagle sorts of follows in its steps. The game is an arcade/flying simulator where the player pilots a F-15 fighter plane. It proposes various missions, all based around mid-90s world conflicts such as Iraq or North Korea. The F-15 has a good arsenal of weapons including machine guns, guided missiles and bombs. Each mission gets the player to destroy various ground targets. The action usually starts way offshore from a plane carrier. Once in the air, a 2-D map gives the player an idea of where his mission targets are and where enemy planes are located. The view automatically switches to a more appropriate 3D 'inside the cockpit' mode when a dog fight against other fighting planes occurs. Enemy planes can be shot down using air-to-air missiles or the hard to aim machine gun. Once a target destination is reached, the view switches to a 3-D Mode 7 mode. There, the F-15 needs to quickly dive on enemy's facilities and destroy the area's target with either bombs or machine gun. The game offers many missions and a simple password system is used to save player's progress.


[Model SNS-EG-USA]


Released in March 1993 in USA.

Export releases:
europe "Super Strike Eagle [Model SNSP-EG-EUR]"
japan "F-15 Super Strike Eagle [Model SHVC-EG]"


Producer: Tony Parks
Game Design: B.C.Milligan, Dave A. Wagner, Steve J. Pujia
Game Programming: Dave A. Wagner, Steve J. Pujia
Additional Programming: James G. Thomas, Chris Taormino
Music And Sounds: Scott Patterson, Jeff Briggs
Computer Graphics: Mitsu Tanaka
CAD Art: Steve J.Pujia
Quality Assurance: David K. Osborn, Mike Rea, Brian Hellesen

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;

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