Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Model T-12043]

Sega Mega Drive Game published 25 years ago by Capcom

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Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers © 1994 Capcom Company, Limited.

A New Challenger Awaits.

Cammy, Dee Jay, T. Hawk, and Fei Long. They have earned the right to enter the second World Fighting Championship each of them possessing a lethal combination of martial arts skills that they believe can destroy Vega (M. Bison in the export releases). Can they survive the original Street Fighters and their new abilities?

Features 4 all new characters, new animations and moves for the originals, hot new modes including the Point Match, Tournament Battle, and the Challenge Mode. The largest Street Fighter game ever at 40 Megs.
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[Model T-12043]


Super Street Fighter II for Mega Drive was released on June 25, 1994 in Japan.

Known export releases:
"Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Model T-12056]" (USA)
"Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Model 670-5448-50]" (Europe)

Released simultaneously with the Super Famicom counterpart. The Mega Drive version, like the Super Famicom one, supported the XBAND network for online play. This version was released on a 40 Megabit cartridge, this allowed the inclusion of the announcer's voice for each round, but the sound quality is not as clear as the Super Famicom version.

The following are some key differences between the Super Famicom and Mega Drive versions of this game:

- Both versions feature the arcade's introduction sequence, but the Mega Drive version features full animation.

- The character profiles scroll from the right and the name and portrait fade in. The Super Famicom version does it the same as in the previous games.

- The Mega Drive version has an additional speed setting (four stars maximum) over the Super Famicom version (three stars maximum) but the logo doesn't change color in the Mega Drive version.

- The Group Battle mode was introduced to Super Famicom players with the Match Play and Elimination options. Group Battle returned for the Mega Drive version with Point Match and Elimination battles.

- The Mega Drive version has a Challenge mode with both a Score Challenge and a Time Challenge. The Super Famicom version lists it as only the Time Challenge on the main menu. The default and Capcom Staff record on each mode are different between versions.

- The Option menu of the Mega Drive version has an additional setting called Super Mode that can be changed from Normal to Expert. In Normal, players fight only 12 of the 16 characters and challenge the bonus stages like in the arcade game. In Expert, they fight all 16 Super Street Fighters with no bonus stages and the presentation changes to resemble Super Street Fighter II X (Super Street Fighter II Turbo outside of Japan), released the same year (1994) with a purple background and blue flames for the VS icon.
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Hold Start before the VS screen appears to open the Key Configuration screen. In Versus mode, you can also change the players from "Human" control to "Computer" control.

To select the same fighter up to eight times instead of two in the Group Battle, grab controller two and enter A, B, A, B, A, B, B, A. Balrog (Vega in the export releases) will laugh to confirm the code.

Clear the game on difficulty level 8 without continuing to display a picture of Cammy behind a blue background with the Super Street Fighter II logo. If Super Mode is set to "Expert", it will display Dee Jay behind a purple background instead.


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [JP] (nov.8, 2011) [Model MC3J]

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