Super Speed Race V

Arcade Video game published 44 years ago by Taito

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Super Speed Race V © 1978 Taito.

This is the 5th entry in the 'Speed Race' series. The 'V' however refers to the game's five best scorers (shown on the LED displays to the left of the monitor, above the player score and timer).

That is the only difference with the original 'Super Speed Race'.

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Released in May 1978 in Japan.

"Super Speed Race [Model 762]" released by Midway in 1979 also has the LED display. This means it is basically a clone of Super Speed Race V.


1. Speed Race (1974)
2. Speed Race Deluxe (1975)
3. Speed Race Twin (1976)
4. Super Speed Race (1977)
5. Super Speed Race V (1978)
6. Speed Race CL-5 (1980)
7. Super Speed Race GP V (1980)
8. Super Speed Race Jr. (1985)


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