Super R*Type [Model SHVC-SR]

The Nintendo Super Famicom Game by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo Super Famicom Game

Super R*Type © 1991 Nintendo.

R*Type, Irem's popular franchise, is back. This time, the game is prefixed 'Super', and Irem proposes here an original (and exclusive) episode in the R*Type series - well, in the end, Super R*Type can be roughly described as remixed version of the first two arcade games (namely R*Type and R*Type 2). The R9 Ragnavok space fighter is back in service and 'The Force' pod ready to melt down Bydo empire's invading armada. This pod has always been at the core of R*Type's gameplay - it is indestructible and can be attached to the front of the ship and boost its fire-power, or attached to its back and give some tail cover. It can also be set completely free or wildly thrown at the enemy. Power ups hidden inside legged ships can upgrade its abilities or add secondary weapons (such as missiles) to the ship. The R9 can also charge-up a special blast of energy by holding the fire button for a few seconds. This powerful attack can easily fly through enemy formations and turn them into dust. And if the player happens to hold the button for a little longer, a devastative spread shot will be fired and will wipe out most of the enemies on screen. Super R*Type consists of seven intense stages, some of them directly borrowed from the original arcade game R*Type 2.




Super R*Type was released on July 13, 1991 in Japan for 8500 Yen.

france September 1991 - Consoles + N.1: 68/100
france October 1991 - Joypad N.1: 87/100


Background Design: Kazakami Shung
Music Composer: Charlie Y.K

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