Super Puzzle Fighter II [Model AGB-AZ8E-USA]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 20 years ago by Capcom USA, Inc.

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Super Puzzle Fighter II [Model AGB-AZ8E-USA] screenshot

Super Puzzle Fighter II © 2003 Capcom Company, Limited.

Ryu, Ken and Chen Li want to puzzle you.

Try to outwit the computer or your human opponent in this puzzle game starring Ryu, Ken and more of your favorite Capcom brawlers.

Linked pairs of gems descend to form groups and piles of the same color. Groups can be destroyed by either a Crash Gem, which will break all gems of the same color that are touching, or a Rainbow Gem, which will break all gems of the same color, including those that are not touching. Shattering your own gems rains Counter Gems on your opponent's pile, making their task even harder.

The eight levels star familiar characters from Capcom's Street Fighter and Darkstalkers series, including Ryu and Ken, the Karate Masters; Sakura, the high-kicking teen; Chun Li, the Chinese detective; and Donovan, the vampire hunter.

The characters add a new level of entertainment to the puzzle genre. Each character has unique gem-drop patterns. Signature attacks, complete with fireballs and burst of energy, add entertainment.

Multiplayer Action: Two GBAs, a GBA Game Link Cable and two Game Paks are required for multiplayer action.




Super Puzzle Fighter II for the Game Boy Advance was released on March 31, 2003 in North America.

Even though the box cover is shown as Super Puzzle Fighter II, the title screen still shows it as it was originally: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.


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