Super Princess Peach [Model NTR-ASPJ-JPN]

Nintendo DS cart. published 17 years ago by Nintendo

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スーパープリンセスピーチ © 2005 Nintendo Co., Ltd.
(Super Princess Peach)

Peach platform jumps like a pro in her first solo adventure! Super Princess Peach turns the Mario-and-Peach story on its head and shows the princess is more than just a pretty face.

* Run, jump, float and fight through eight worlds to find Mario
* Whack Bowser's minions with your parasol
* Peach channels four vibes into special powers

When Bowser kidnaps Mario and Luigi and gets hold of the magical Vibe Wand, he heads off for Vibe Island with a troop of minions in tow. Intent on rescuing the Mario Bros., Peach gives chase and finds herself affected by the vibes given off by the island. Using these newfound vibes to channel special abilities, she sets off to rescue Mario and Luigi!

Super Princess Peach features classic Super Mario Bros. style side-scrolling action. Each world is composed of five levels and a boss. As you look for Mario, you'll find imprisoned Toads, collect coins and discover hidden areas.

Peach doesn't have the luxury of getting a mushroom out of an item box to make her super, but she becomes super by getting in touch with the vibes. Each of her four vibes (Joy, Rage, Gloom and Calm) power her up as long as her vibe meter isn't empty.

Fans of Super Mario Bros. platformers will really dig the Joy vibe. This one lets Peach float through the air. This can be useful for avoiding some tricky jumps, but mostly it's valuable for finding special pockets of coins hidden within the clouds. Without the Joy vibe, the game's treasures will stay a secret to you.

Another way to find those secret levels is through the Gloom vibe. You can't be happy all the time, right? When Peach uses this vibe, she cries a river, but her gushing tears nourish vine plants. When the water hits the vine plant, it will grow tall and strong, allowing Peach to jump on the leaves and find secret levels. In the first boss battle, Peach will need to use the Gloom vibe to fill a Piranha Plant's gut with her gush of tears. (It's OK to over-water this plant.)

When Peach jumps on an enemy, it doesn't kill them but instead stuns them. From there, Peach can pick them up and throw them, whack them with her umbrella Perry or scoop them up with Perry and let the umbrella eat them. Every time Perry consumes a baddy, Peach's vibe meter fills. If you can't find any vibe crystals to fill up the meter, look to scoop and scarf on some Goombas or Koopas.

Bottom Line Fans of classic side-scrolling Mario games should definitely give this one a look! We'll have a hands-on, detailed review of the game soon. Fans of Princess Peach, can visit www.superprincesspeach.com for more things Peach!

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Super Princess Peach was released on October 20, 2005 in Japan.

Export releases:
[US] "Super Princess Peach [Model NTR-ASPE-USA]"
[EU] "Super Princess Peach [Model NTR-ASPP-EUR]"
[AU] "Super Princess Peach [Model NTR-ASPE-AUS]"


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