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Super Pac-Man + Cherry Master

Arcade Video game published by Unknown

Super Pac-Man + Cherry Master screenshot

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Super Pac-Man + Cherry Master © 198? Unknown.

The 'front' game is a ripoff of Ms. Pac-Man, despite the game being called Super Pac-Man. The second 'hidden' game is a video slot.


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This game is a 'stealth' gambling game hiding behind an arcade game. These types of machines were designed to flout the law in certain countries where gambling machines were illegal or highly restricted, therefore passing as a seemingly-innocent video game.

Differences between this Super Pac-Man and the original Ms. Pac-Man:
* There is only one maze in the game, which is based on the first pattern from Ms. Pac-Man, with the central area modified to compensate for the horizontal Cherry Master display, and there is only one exit instead of two.
* Due to being slightly shorter (or narrower if comparing to the vertical Ms. Pac-Man maze) to let the scores, lives and round number fit on the screen, there are less dots to eat.
* Animation is choppy when moving up and down, including the ghosts.
* There is no sprite transparency, thus the ghosts and Ms. Pac-Man have a black background when they overlap.
* The sound effects are taken from the Cherry Master slot game.
* You start off-center rather than between the two rightmost (lowest if the game was vertical) T-shaped platforms.
* All four ghosts are red and move randomly rather than having AI - they do not chase Ms. Pac-Man.
* When an energizer is eaten there is no sound effect and the ghosts do not reverse or slow down when they turn blue; there is also no flashing when the ghosts are about to change back to normal.
When a ghost is eaten it immediately appears inside the ghost house without the ghost's eyes traveling through * the maze, although the eyes are still shown in the ghost house.
* Fruits do not move around the maze; as with the original Pac-Man they vanish after a certain amount of time. * The fruits also spawn in random positions.
* When the round is completed, the maze doesn't flash.
* There are no intermissions between certain levels.
* The game progressively speeds up after completing each round.
* The score wraps around at 99990.

Game's ROM.