Super Monkey Ball Jr. [Model AGB-ALUE-USA]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 21 years ago by T-HQ, Inc.

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Super Monkey Ball Jr. © 2002 T-HQ, Inc.

The GBA version of Super Monkey Ball is a zany, action-packed arcade puzzle game that keeps the 'party' feel of the original, including mini-games and a fantastic array of multiplayer modes for up to four players. It retains the 3-D feel of the GameCube version, as well as the mini-games;Monkey Fight, Monkey Race, Monkey Golf and Monkey Bowling. Several of these must be unlocked to enable play. The game consists of 60 stages which are split into three difficulties: Easy Normal and Expert. A number of elements will be integrated into each stage so that the player has a unique and challenging experience, progressing as the difficulty increases. Some of the more tricky elements include Stepped Floors, Titled Floors, Vertical Bumpers, Animated Floors, Rotating Floors, Moving Platforms, Curved Platforms and Escalator Platforms. Bonus stages are also scattered throughout the levels. These events are a timed banana feast as in the GC version. The player must collect as many bananas as they can in the time available.

* The most entertaining GBA title on the market
* Based on one of the best-selling GC titles
* Over 60 stages filled with steps, bumps, moving platforms and more!
* Includes 4 favourite party games - Monkey Fight, Monkey Race, Monkey Golf and Monkey Bowling
* Supports up to four players with a Link Cable
* Features the ever-popular characters from the GC version - AiAi, MeeMee, Baby and GonGon


Cartridge ID: AGB-ALUE-USA


Released on November 20, 2002 in USA.


Devolopment Team (Realism/Creations)
Lead Programmer: Dave Reed
Programmer: James Watson, Neil Millstone, Jas C. Brooke, Andy Onions
Tools Programmer: Andy Clarke
Lead Artist: Dave Worton
Artist: Michael Smith, Steve Watson, Simon Street
Music : Martin Goodall
Producers : Andy Onions (Realism), Marc Bowden (Creations)
Special Thanks To: Mark Wilcox, David McLachlan, Lorraine Starr

THQ Product
Executive Vice President - Worldwide Studios: Jack Sorensen
Executive Producer: Brian F. Christian
Producer: Derek C. Smith
Lead Tester: Marla Anyomi
Testers: Graham Ratliff, Carlos Restrepo, Steve Travers, Logan Derrick, James Krenz, Ryan Rothenberger
QA Technician: Mario Waibel
QA Database Administrator: Jason Roberts
QA Manager: Monica Vallejo
Director of Quality Assurance: Jeremy S. Barnes

THQ Marketing
VP - Marketing: Peter Dille
Group Marketing Manager: Alison Quirion
Associate Product Marketing Manager: Heather Hall
Marketing Coordinator: Michael Greene
Director - Creatice Services: Howard Liebeskind
Senior Creative Services Manager: Kathy Helgason
Creative Services Manager: Kirk Somdal
PR Manager: Reilly Brennan
Associate PR Manager: Erik Reynolds
Manual Writer: Brett Rector
Packaging Design: JAM Advertising
Extra Special Thanks: Shinobu Toyoda, Kathy Schoback, Judy Jette, Toshihiro Nagoshi, Super Monkey Ball Development Team
Specical Thanks: Brian J. Farrell, Jeffrey Lapin, Alison Locke, Robert Reilly, Ricardo Fischer, Jack Suzuki, Gordon L. Madison Jr., Christian Kenney, Paul Rivas, Stacey Mendoza, Michael Rubinelli


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