Super Megatouch IV Tournament Edition

The Arcade Video Game PCB by Merit Industries, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !

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[ARCADE] Arcade Video Game PCB

Super Megatouch IV Tournament Edition © 1996 Merit Industries, Incorporated.


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The realtime clock function used in this Tournament Edition is limited to December 31, 2009. The game fails to register dates beyond that date. The time set function within service mode displays random strings as the software tries to sync with the actual realtime clock running the emulator. All the early Tournament Megatouch software released in the '90s shares this identical problem. However, for Megatouch games that don't rely upon the realtime clock (Megatouch 6, for example), this problem does not exist.


1. Megatouch
2. Megatouch II
3. Megatouch III (1995)
4. Megatouch III Tournament Edition (1995)
5. Megatouch IV (1996)
6. Megatouch IV Tournament Edition (1996)
7. Super Megatouch IV (1996)
8. Super Megatouch IV Tournament Edition (1996)
9. Megatouch 5 (1997)
10. Megatouch XL (1997)
11. Megatouch XL 5000 (1997)
12. Megatouch 6 (1998)
13. Megatouch XL Super 5000 (1998)
14. Megatouch XL 6000 (1999)
15. Megatouch Maxx Jade (2004)
16. Megatouch Rx (2009)

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