Super Mario Bros. Special [Model N5-1032]

NEC PC-8801 Series disk. published 35 years ago by Hudson Soft.

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Super Mario Bros. Special © 1986 Hudson Soft [Hudson Group].

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GAME ID: N5-1032


Programmed by: Yukio Takeoka
Course designed by: Ichirou Sakurada
Enemy disposed by: Sugata Morimoto
Ending demo by: Tomohiko Nakajima
Sound effected by: Fumihiko Itagaki, Megumi Kawamata
Course Editor by: Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi
New Character by: Yukio Takeoka, Megumi Kawamata
New Character Naming by: Yukio Takeoka, Tomohiko Nakajima, Sadakichi
Produced by: Takashi Takebe


Game's Floppy Disk.