Super Mario Bros. [Model YM-801]

Handheld game published 34 years ago by Nintendo

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Super Mario Bros. © 1986 Nintendo Co., Ltd.

The overall plot is the same as the console Super Mario Bros., but the game is shorter and simpler. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Toadstool, and Mario is off to save her. The difference is that at the end of every level, Mario will fnd the Princess without having to fght a boss. Mario must go through eight auto-scrolling levels without falling and losing a life. When the levels are cleared,

Mario must repeat them in the next loop. The second loops and onward have enemies. There are two types of levels; scroll screen
levels and timer screen levels. In the scroll screen levels, Mario must travel a given distance displayed on the screen. In the timer screen levels, Mario has to go through the world within a given time.


Model YM-801


Released on June 25, 1986 in Japan.

There are 8 different worlds to conquer, some scroll from right to left and some are stationary timed screens.

Super Mario Bros. Crystal version is a lot more rare than the New Wide Screen version.


If you hold in the Game key the highest previous score will be displayed.


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