Super Glove Ball [Model NES-5L-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 33 years ago by Mattel, Inc

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Super Glove Ball [Model NES-5L-USA] screenshot

Super Glove Ball © 1990 Mattel, Inc.

Now you can really reach in and grab the action! Super Glove Ball bridges the gap between game and reality by giving you the sensation of real depth regardless of which controller you use. Throw, catch, punch, and swerve through a maze of rooms, progressing up spiraling skill levels towards your ultimate goal. Along the way you'll experience amazing dimensional effects as you ricochet the ball off walls to knock out tiles, blocks, and adversaries.

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Released in October 1990 in the USA.

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Design by : Novak
Additional design by : Tim Stamper (TIM), Chris Stamper
Lead programmer : Paul Byford (PAUL)
Assistant programmer : Mark Betteridge (MARK)
Graphics by : Trevor Hill (TREV)
With art help from : Keri Gunn (KERI), Kev Bayliss (KEV)
Music by : David Wise
Sound by : Mark Betteridge (MARK)
Quality assurance : Stephen Stamper (SIMS), Louise Stamper (LOU)

Others from high score table: (PETE), (DMLB)


Game's ROM.