Super Cobra [Model PB5320]

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Parker Bros.

Emulated in MAME !

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Super Cobra © 1982 Parker Bros.

Brush off your ace piloting skills because you're about to take off on a hair-raising adventure: air surveillance of unfriendly territory. This means a 10,000-mile obstacle course through ever-changing terrain... over craggy mountain tops, around tall city buildings, through long jagged tunnels. And that isn't all! The course is just rigged with chopper-stopping weapons like igniting rockets, heavy ground artillery, flying fireballs, and falling mines.

Every 1,000 miles of terrain brings ever-increasing challenges and ever-certain... danger. But a handsome payoff lies at the end for anyone who's got what it takes.


Model PB5320


Hitting ground artillery: 100 points.
Hitting a rocket: 50 points.
Hitting a fireball: 50 points.
Hitting a mine: 50 points.
Picking up booty: 5000 points.
Points also accumulate as you gain mileage (for every 1,000 miles travelled.): 900 points.


Programmer: Mike Brodie

Game's ROM.