Super Aleste [Model SHVC-AT]

A 26-year-old Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. by Toho

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???????? © 1992 Toho Company, Limited.

(Super Aleste)

Super Aleste is an intense vertical shooter by Compile and, as the name so aptly implies, is part of the classic and critically acclaimed Aleste series. In the year 2048 AD, a strange giant sphere appears from the depths of space and starts attacking Earth cities. It eventually stops in South America, over the Amazon jungle, where it starts building a giant floating city. The Earth Allied Forces decide to launch a counterattack and to deploy their most priced fighter - the 'Aleste' - to eliminate the invader. But the fighter is quickly overwhelmed by a swarm of phenomenal power and fails in its mission. Although in a desperate situation, the Earth Forces don't surrender and they begin the construction of the 'Super Aleste'. The new elite pilot Raz and his female alien co-pilot Thi are now on a suicide mission to destroy the sphere and thus to put an end to the invasion. The Super Aleste fighter is packed with serious firepower and no less than eight different weapons can be equipped (such as homing missiles, guided options, lasers or multi-shots). Additionally, each weapon can be upgraded to a maximum of six times (by collecting orange orbs or green weapon-pods) and all have two different modes of action that can be switched at any time during gameplay. Beside, the power upgrades double as a shield and the active weapon's power downgrades each time the fighter receives a hit, and at zero the Super Aleste goes to oblivion. Finally, super-bombs are of course available and used to wipe out most of the enemies on screen in case of a sudden emergency. Super Aleste consists of twelve levels (four are bonus stages) and also includes a 'short' option which acts as an intense 'score attack' mode.
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[Model SHVC-AT]


Super Aleste was released on April 28, 1992 in Japan.
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Executive Producers: Akira Kobayashi, Moo Niitani
Producers: Junichi Tsunoda, Masato Takeno, Taka Tanida
Programmer: Jemini Hirono
Graphic Designers: Janus Teramoto, Kerol Watanabe, Itoh, Koshio, Sawa, Ohnishi
Sound Designers: Takeuchi, Nagao, Katsumi Tanaka
Game Designer: Jemini Hirono
Special Thanks to: Katsuji Suenaga, Matsuoka, Compile Staff

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