Super 30 in 1

A Arcade Video Game by Unknown

Not emulated in MAME


Super 30 in 1 © 199? Unknown.


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An arcade game with 30 different games running on a same bootleg hardware.The board is probably of Chinese origin.The games included have inferior graphics and sound compared to the original single-board ones. Some of the games included in this board : "Goonies 2", "Bubble Bobble", "Spy vs. Spy", "Tetris" (not the Atari one), "Alex Kidd in Miracle World", "Super Mario Bros.", "Masic tree" (Magic Tree), "Congo Bongo", "Flicky", "Pitfall", "Circus Charlie", "Bomb Jack", Solomon's Key... It was designed for 2-players in mind. (all of the games on this board are 2-player games or support 2-player play). The game select interface is menu-driven. Game play has a time limit of about 10 minutes or so and game ends when it's Game Over, regardless of time left. The majority of the games included are direct ports of Sega Master System or Nintendo Famicom games.

It was very popular in the early 90's in the arcades of the former Yugoslav republics.