Suiko Enbu - Fuuun Saiki

A 22-year-old Sega Saturn Game by Data East

Suiko Enbu - Fuuun Saiki screenshot

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Suiko Enbu - Fuuun Saiki © 1996 Data East Corp.

Saturn-exclusive upgrade to Suiko Enbu based on the Special Mode.

The game replaces taunting (now used for battle intros) with small jumps, fake dizzies are replaced by the ability to place weapons on the floor and then pick them back up for later use and certain move commands have been simplified or changed. The final boss Chougai, as well as the guest character Mizoguchi (from Fighter's History) are now playable in the single player game. The game also adds Yungmie (from Fighter's History Dynamite) for a grand total of 14 fighters. There are also three gameplay speeds to choose from.


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The opening introduction has been changed with new music and images. The character select screen has also been changed displaying both small and large portraits as well as character names in English at the bottom.

The player can no longer select their first opponent in a single player game. They must first face Yungmie, then fight the Water Margin characters in a fixed order then they must fight Mizoguchi and then Chougai.

Brothers Gen Shougo and Gen Shoushichi no longer share the same background with their older brother Gen Shouji. Chougai, Mizoguchi and Yungmie share their stage background with Shishin, but each have their own background music.

Chougai only uses his second background music (the one where he is already transformed) when fought against in a single player game.

There is a new ending theme and the endings have been changed, displaying scrolling text alongside the profile of your character. The credits also feature sketches of the characters.

Pencil drawings of all 108 outlaws appear during the loading screens of the game.

Players can no longer select the skin tone of a character and there are only three costume colors per character with either Punch, Kick, or Start. The Kick buttons select the character's original color. Gen Shougo's original color has been changed and he is the only character to receive skin color changes with each costume color.

Game's CD.