Suicide Mission [Model AR-4102]

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cass. by Arcadia

Emulated in MAME !

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Suicide Mission © 1982 Arcadia Corp.

The Battleground: A growing abscess, perilously close to the human heart. An invasion of lethal virus, multiplying faster than the body's warrior leukocytes can destroy them.

Your Mission: Shrink down, down, down. Smaller than a speck of dust. Board a microscopic submarine. And navigate through the bloodstream until you encounter your deadly foes. Any volunteers?

A Million to One: Those are the odds against you. Even though you're fast, tough, and smart. You're simply outnumbered. And the enemy is tough.

The Bad Guys: Fiendish virus. Tough to kill, too. A direct hit with a penicillin torpedo divides the colony. Hit again, and they divide into creepy little virus. A third blast pulls their plugs for good.

Most of them just cruise along attacking their host's cells. But watch out for a particularly nasty number who goes straight for your throat.


Model AR-4102


Viral Colony: 30 Points.
Sub Colony: 60 Points.
Creepy Crawling Virus: 100 Points.
Deadly Little Virus: 150 Points.

Bonus Submarines:
Easy: One for every 20,000 Points.
Medium: One for every 80,000 Points.
Hard: One for every 20,000 Points.


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