Stunt Cycle [Model C450]

A 41-year-old Dedicated Console by Atari, Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


Stunt Cycle © 1977 Atari, Incorporated.


Codename 'Stunt Debbie', Model C-450

It was a simple black console, with a hump in the middle where the motorcycle handles attached, with a speaker inside the hump for the sounds - yes, it generated its own sound instead of running it through the television. It hooked up to the TV like all other consoles of the day - the standard manually-switched RF modulator box. There were also a few switches and buttons along the top front of the unit.


The home version played almost exactly the same as the original coin-op version. The differences being the fact that the cycle traversed each level from left to right, instead of reversing direction on the center level, and that there was no brake. It used a custom microcontroller, and unlike the arcade machine, actually had minimal color - though it had a switch to set it to black and white. There were also a couple other game modes.