Stunt Cycle

A 38-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Atari, Inc.

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Stunt Cycle © 1980 Atari, Incorporated.


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Unreleased prototype.

Only one TIA sound register is used in the game. There are three types of
sounds, acceleration, wipeout, and a ding ding ding when you successfully
make a jump. Each sound cancels out the other.


Scoring indicated on the right indicates successful jumps, starts with 1 'gimme' point. Score on the left indicates missed jumps. 1 point earned for each jump. You get a total of 9 jumps per game. Each successful jump adds another 'car' or level of distance between the ramps. If you miss a jump, you have to redo that level. Therefore at any point, your right hand score always indicates the number of cars you are jumping over. In attract mode, not only do the colors cycle, but the bike will pop wheelies. Games 7-9 feature a hybrid physics model where the "mid air" trick works but the bike is otherwise sensitive to wipeouts for the rest of the track.


Programmer: Bob Polaro


[US] Sony PlayStation 4 (oct.18, 2016) "Atari Flashback Classics Vol.1"
[US] [EU] Microsoft XBOX One (nov.1, 2016) "Atari Flashback Classics Vol.1"

[US] Steam (mar.24, 2016) "Atari Vault [Model 400020]"

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