Stronghold [Model CM009]

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by CommaVid, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !

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Stronghold © 1983 CommaVid.

In STRONGHOLD you control a small spacecraft which you pilot on an assault against a well defended asteroid. Your goal is to neutralize the asteroid's defenses by destroying the Command Crawler that controls them. First you must survive a barrage of drones launched from the surface. As you maneuver to blast through the shields that protect the Command Crawler, interceptors home in on your ship and patrollers hover above the shields. When the shields are breached, the Command Crawler itself begins to return your fire. If you can destroy the Command Crawler, a new and better defended asteroid awaits.


Model CM009


For each section of shield you knock out, 10 points are scored.
Destroying a drone, patroller or interceptor scores 20 points.
Destroying a Command Crawler scores 90 points.


Remember that you can't shoot directly to either side. Don't get 'outflanked' by an attacker coming from the side.

Watch out for rapidly entering attackers. Stay away from the top and bottom of the screen when new attackers are likely to come in.

To keep track of the position of the Command Crawler without looking down at it, listen to the sound as it moves on the asteroid's surface. The louder the sound, the nearer it is to your ship. When it is directly beneath and locked on to fire, a shrill warning alarm is given.

Opportunities may arise to dive under the patrollers and blast the shields, but a poorly timed attempt is likely to be fatal.

To survive the faster drone assaults, shoot a few to break up their pattern and then concentrate on dodging them.


Programmer: Joseph Biel

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