Striker '96 [Model SLES-00023]

A 22-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by Warner Interactive Ent.

Not emulated in MAME


Striker '96 © 1996 Warner Interactive Ent., Ltd.

Striker '96 is a glittering goal fest of gigantic proportions. Graphically, it's a stunner. The ground and pitch are joys to behold, and the players are smoothly animated with realistic movement all round.

Gameplay is delightfully intuitive, with the 4 main buttons used as 4 types of kick when the player is in possession, and to start 4 deliciously animated moves when they're not. The L1 and R1 buttons control aftertouch - neat. Tournaments can be played against PlayStation or a friend, or one-off exhibition matches played for practice. With Multi-Tap 4 pals can batter the heck out of each other in a two-on-two 'friendly'.


Game ID: SLES-00023


Released in February 1996 in Europe.